Multi-Lingual Children's Book - Inspiring diversity and cultural awareness


A simple "giving thanks" bed time story to read with your child.  Earth Tribe Bedtime Prayers features beautifully illustrated water-colour images that come alive with characters representing a wide variety of diverse ethnicity.  Biracial children can see themselves in the images while recognizing other characters that may look like mommy, daddy or a loved neighbour or friend. 

The book aims to expose children to a wide variety of people, cultures and language.  The book can be used to inspire your child to embrace diversity and grow to be a very culturally aware and compassionate individual.  The book also aims to help keep tribal languages alive by introducing them to a new generation.


All books feature the English language at the top of each page.  The bottom of each page features a translation (not direct, but the feeling is intact) in a different language.  Currently the book is available in French, Swahili, Ndebele, Yoruba, Bemba and Mi'kmaq.

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