Cloth Diaper Snap Blockers


 *colours are samples and may not be exactly the ones you receive. * Prices in USD.

Buy 4 and get a discount.

To help caregivers get the right fit on snap closure diapers.

Tired of being the only one able to get a perfect fit for your baby? Tired of leaks and an uncomfortable looking diaper fit? With Snap Blockers, your baby gets the same great fit as when you change their diaper, every time - anywhere- with anyone.

Includes storage bag.

Each kit comes enough Blockers for at least 6 diapers. They fit most brands available on the market including "big names" like Bum Genius, Apple Cheeks, AMP diapers, TotsBots, etc. They also fit WAHM made diapers. Some brands have more snaps than others, so you may even have enough for 8 diapers from one kit! Sunbaby have their own special kit.  We no longer carry Grovia blockers.

Blockers stay firmly in place through super wash cycles time and time again. They are simple to adjust when baby grows into a different setting. Set up Blockers on one diaper of a brand, and copy the pattern on all the other diapers of that brand in your stash.

Please select colours and brands before checkout. Blockers come packaged in a handy storage pouch to keep in your changing area.